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eighteen billion two hundred and fifty-one million five hundred and twelve thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight

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Suqian Jinlong grain Co., Ltd It was registered in Suqian industrial and commercial bureau on November 24, 2011. Its general manager, Shen Kai, has a registered capital of 10 million yuan. The company mainly deals in Suqian rice, which is a regular Suqian rice factory. We have good product and sales and technical team. Suqian Jinlong grain Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the enterprise spirit of "broad morality, thick faith, sensitive thinking, and conscientious practice" for six years, adhering to the "integrity, harmony, integrity, and integrity" With the business philosophy of "innovation and development", serving thousands of households, providing preferential rice wholesale prices, and creating characteristic grain brands, with the care and support of the society and the continuous efforts of ourselves, the business scope and scale have been continuously expanded, the comprehensive strength of enterprises has been significantly enhanced, and the industry influence has been continuously improved. Over the years, it has been rated as "the top ten famous brands in Jiangsu Province" "Jiangsu Province honest grain and oil excellent enterprise" and "municipal leading enterprise" are the best choice of "which rice is good". We provide customers with good products, good technical support and sound after-sales service.

Keeping pace with the times, in order to create a good brand, the company introduced and bred excellent rice varieties, established planting bases, formed the operation mode of "company + cooperative + base + farmers", and provided good technical services, vigorously promoted the cultivation technology of pollution-free rice, green rice and organic rice, so as to ensure the company's raw grain supply.

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The company takes "top grade grain" as its core concept and provides good Suqian rice products,
To provide customers with thoughtful service experience.
 Suqian rice

We make food with conscience

Make good quality rice with heart and focus on every rice
We have won a good reputation in the domestic and foreign markets!

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  • Learn these moves, rice will not grow worms for a year


    On a sultry day, there will be a worry at home. If you open the rice box, the insects will fly with the rice grains. It is estimated that many of them have encountered this situation

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  • When you buy rice, don't buy it


    Rice is rich in nutrition, and it is one of the main food for Chinese people. In every 100 grams rice rice rice, contains protein (protein food) 6.7 grams, fat 0.9 grams, carbohydrate 77.6 grams, crude fiber 0.3 grams, calcium (calcium food) 7 mg, phosphorus 136 mg, iron (iron food) 2.3 mg

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  • Why is Wuchang rice so famous


    Why is Wuchang rice so famous? Listen to the local rice growers

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  • Why do different kinds of rice taste different


    Rice is a staple food that we often eat in our daily life. It has become the main food material on people's dinner table. However, it is not difficult to find that there are many kinds of rice, and the taste of different kinds of rice is different. This reminds us that we should learn to judge when choosing rice, so as to facilitate

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  • Don't throw the rice when it's boiling


    Rice is one of the most common foods in our daily life. Because of its nutritional value and strong satiety, it has become one of the staple foods of people. Almost every family will be involved in the process of cooking rice every day

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  • There are four ways to make rice fragrant


    Rice is cooked every day and eaten every day. However, different people may cook different tastes. Don't underestimate cooking. Many people think it's simple. Add rice with water. But you don't know that cooking rice is also particular. If you want to cook rice well, you should learn the following tips from Suqian rice factory

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  • Do not eat rice that has been stored for too long


    Rice is a common staple food in the family. It is an indispensable food for almost every meal of every family. Generally, the consumption of rice is relatively large. Therefore, many people will habitually hoard a lot to reduce the trouble caused by regular purchase. However, in this way, it is easy to have rice hoarding time

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  • Which brand of rice wholesale to choose?


    Rice is a major staple food material in China, and also an important part of daily family diet. The quality of rice is related to people's diet health to a certain extent, so it is very important to choose good rice. So, which brand of rice wholesale to choose?

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  • There is no doubt about the benefits of boiling rice


    In most people's opinion, cooking rice is as simple as adding proper amount of water and rice. However, it is not difficult to find that the same rice tastes different after being cooked by different people. It can be seen that cooking rice is also learned. As far as adding water is concerned, there is a lot of attention, and only the amount of water added should be reasonable

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